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Providing inspirational information on all areas of Scotland before, during and after their visit, acts as a portal to connect visitors with tourism businesses in Scotland, such as accommodation providers, attractions, retailers, activity and tour based businesses.

For links to our online forms, please see the 'How to get your free web listing' section.

Web listings on

  • It's free!

    Whether you're an accommodation provider, attraction, retailer, activity or tour, it's free to create a listing

  • Generate referrals

    Referrals from visitors directly to you through your contact details, email address and website link

  • Promote your QA award

    On average, Quality Assured business listings are almost 3 times more likely to receive referrals from compared to non-QA business listings

  • Bookings

    Accommodation businesses with a web listing can choose to receive bookings through our channels, either online or through our iCentre network across Scotland. To receive bookings online, you need to be working with a Web Booking Engine that is integrated with our site - find out more about the range of WBE providers we are working with

  • Expert help on hand

    Our team of customer service advisors can help you to get everything set up, and can put you in touch with your local Industry Relationship Manager, who can offer their tourism expertise 

Facts about

23 million

Visitors per year

3 million

Referrals to Scottish businesses


of our users visit on a mobile or tablet

6 languages is translated to reach a wider audience

How to get your free web listing

If you're a tour operator

We have a dedicated system for tour operators who provide tours of Scotland

  1. 1

    Register with our Tour Management System

    Designed with help from Scottish tour providers, we have a dedicated system that allows you to create multiple tours, with special features such as destinations, starting points and transport types. 

    Register for our tours system

  2. 2

    Enter your company details

    Once you've registered, you can log in to create an account, and submit your company information. This goes to our Customer Services team, who will approve you as a new tour operator in the system. 

    We'll send you an email notification when we've approved your company profile.

  3. 3

    Start creating your tours

    Once your company / operator profile has been approved, you can create and publish your tours. If you need help, please email [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist. Please only publish tours of Scotland.

  4. 4

    Update your listing

    You can update your tours at any time via your Tours Management System. Further guidance can be found on our Tour Management System guide

For all other businesses

Accommodation, attractions, retail and other tourism businesses

  1. 1

    Check that your business is eligible

    From places to stay, to things to see and do, we welcome applications from all types of tourism businesses. If your business operates in Scotland for the benefit of visitors to Scotland, you qualify for a free web listing.

    • Accommodation providers
    • Visitor attractions, activities or experiences
    • Places to eat and drink
    • Transport providers
    • Local retail establishments

    All requests will be reviewed individually and we reserve the right to refuse any applications based on these criteria (see below).

    Web listing criteria

    Published July 2018

    Information on what businesses can apply for a web listing on

  2. 2

    Fill in our online form

    Before you start, you'll need:

    • An image
    • A short teaser description and a main, more detailed, description
    • Company information
    • Contact details

    Register for a web listing

  3. 3

    Complete your web listing

    Once you've been approved, we'll send you a login for our Extranet, where you can manage your listings, and add extra information such as additional images, your room prices, and opening times.

  4. 4

    Update your listing

    Once your web listing is live, you can update it yourself at any time via your Extranet. Further guidance can be found in our Extranet user guide.