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Visit Scotland | Alba

Our Consumer PR team works with travel and lifestyle media across the globe. Think of inspiring destination coverage for Scotland in newspapers, magazines, on TV and online.

Over many years, we have worked closely with tourism businesses. Together, we showcase the best that Scotland has to offer. You can see this through our media visit programme and through media outreach.

We appreciate that the climate has changed. But we commit ourselves to continue working in partnership. Together, we provide enhanced exposure for our industry partners. To inspire future visitors, we also create editorial content.

The benefits to your business

  • Showcase your business

    Have the opportunity to show off your business. You can do so with consumer journalists who write for key publications around the world. But also with influencers whose engaged audiences are warm to travel.

  • Exposure

    Enhanced exposure for your business through press coverage and integrated consumer campaigns

How can you get involved?

Telling the right story, to the right audience, at the right time is essential. So too when creating media coverage for Scotland in a noisy media market if you want to win over those future visitors. You can get involved in two different ways:


1. Providing news & stories

We're always looking for new story angles to pitch to journalists and for media newsletters and press releases. Think of new openings, delicious foodie innovations, or great character ambassadors.


2. Press visit support

Would you like to host visiting media by offering accommodation, activities or experiences?

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